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REVIEW: Draft Day

It’s not a classic like his “Field Of Dreams” or “Bull Durham” but I have to say Kevin Costner scores another touchdown with his  latest sports film.   Who knew the NFL draft was so drama-filled???!!!

Costner stars as the general manager of the NFL-worst Browns, trying to put his team  back together with the number one pick at the NFL draft. Parts of this film were actually filmed at the  draft at New York’s Radio City Music Hall.  Jennifer Garner is  his love interest, and also in charge of  staying one step ahead of the salary cap. Denis Leary is perfect as his oppositional  head coach. Ellen Burstyn has a small role as GM’s mom and Rosanna Arquette has an even smaller role as his ex-wife.  The standout is Chadwick Boseman as a Browns wanna-be tackle . Boseman has cut his teeth on two other sports films , “The Express” and “42” and will play the late James Brown in an upcoming biopic.  This is one winning  actor. Just tremendous and immensely likeable.

While a movie about the NFL draft may sound boring, this one’s anything but.  I rarely met a  sports  films I didn’t like   but this one really has me cheering.


3 stars


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